Exfolé LLC

From the first meeting I had with Stephen of Rivik Media, I knew my web site would be all that I could ever imagined plus more!

Stephen was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and so incredibly easy to work along with. Together we were able to design my website, which continues to generate new clients to this day. I attribute most of my new clients to my website, as my clients will tell me that they simply “Google facials in the Enfield area and Exfole’ comes up”! Who could ask for more?

I always receive complements on my website, as it truly depicts who I am am, and what Exfole’ is to me! 

Cindy Astone, Owner Exfole LLC

This is the first website and online presence for Exfolé LLC, a skin care center, run by Cynthia A. Astone. Cynthia wanted something classy, clean, and fitting with her current print marketing. Rivik Media was able to deliver with this responsive HTML website, hosted on AWS, and supported by Rivik Media.

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Exfole LLC was started by Cynthia A. Astone and specializes in skincare treatments for women and men. “After thirty years in the nursing profession working in both hospital and home settings, my career led me to work as a registered nurse for a dermatologist. It was here that I began to venture into the realm of skin care ranging from laser hair removal to microdermabrasions to chemical peels in the treatment of acne, rosacea, and maturing skin.”

Based in Enfield, CT, Exfole LLC has been working with Rivik Media since 2012.

Worked On: Design, Development

Technology: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Amazon Web Services (AWS)